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About me

Formerly a survivor (re-started life x3 in just over a decade because of ghastlinesses circumstances predominantly beyond my control).  Now back in England trying (a) not to wish I were still in France, and (b) to get the most out of life despite having a terminal illness.

This blog focuses mainly on the period I spent living in Nice thanks to an unexpected opportunity. It is all my own work – except, of course, where otherwise indicated. I explore  the arts, landscape and life in general in search of the interesting, unusual and life-enhancing – sometimes successfully.  While I am as irritated by things as anybody, I rarely rant (lacking the requisite self-righteousness and mostly finding rage counter-productive). So when I do, it’s serious. Overall, I love humour more.  And France – it was very good to me; I am eternally grateful.  Thank you for reading, and all the best.

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