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Boys will be boys


Main ingredient of a warming stew

No shit?
No hypocrisy, either? No cop-out intended?
Having read, watched and listened with increasing outrage while a bunch of fuckwitted twunts pompous pundits attempted to excuse the inexcusable, the unthinkable has happened: I’m speechless. Well, almost. I’m certainly so angry I can barely type, let alone string together a coherent sentence. And the anger keeps getting fed …
Yesterday evening I saw representatives of the Inner Circle (? ‘Sanctum’) of Parisian political journos stating their case for privacy with relation to youknowwhat (or, perhaps, ‘whom’?). I don’t know whether or not the accused at the centre of this French furore is guilty, but I do know a pitifully thin case when I hear one – and this one, on ‘necessary’ restrictions to press freedom, was based entirely upon the premise that were the press in France to adopt the US or UK model, then the French would be subjected to a never-ending diet of mischief, mad speculation and malevolent gossip. All of which, I agree, exist in both the US and  UK media. But that’s not the whole story – and those polemicists mentioned above bloody well know it. For a start, they’re ignoring what the native press does with regard to foreign stories where personalities involved are routinely and callously subjected to idiocies and indignities (eg the treatment of  ‘Lay-dee-Dee’) .

A pig in muck; stinks to high heaven

Those contentious hacks on the screen yesterday also know – and if they don’t, then they’re even more arrogantly narrow-minded than I had supposed – that the gutter press is not by and large taken especially seriously, even by many of its readers. We know we’ve got a rather rancid press (and guess what: we can ignore it – yes, really!). The upside is that it is bloody hard for people in the public eye to hide deeds that are liable to affect not only their reputations (and by extension that of the institution they represent) but also their efficacy and reliability. We, the people, must be able to hold our leaders accountable. If we can’t, what does this make of our entire system of government? A cynical little joke to be sniggered over by a bunch of over-paid, smug hacks in a telly studio while the poor, bloody electorate goes to hell in complete – and completely puzzled – ignorance?  Hardly healthy – no wonder France is the Promised Land for the conspiracy theorist!
During the brief debate absolutely no mention was made of the FACT that the name of Acronym’s alleged victim has not only been splashed all over the French media but her native village visited and reported from, her neighbours/rellies/friends interviewed and the whole shameful shebang.
Hypocrisy, much?

As for the alleged ‘perp’, his reputation is hardly enhanced by the company he keeps, given the array of excuses made on his behalf. I won’t even begin to address them – other and better writers have done it for me. And, in my view, the best analysis so far has been made by this talented young journalist (for francophones only: sorry and all that).

The Dodo; extinct

On a personal note – and, yes, I do believe ‘the personal is political’ – I have experience of rape among far too many other manifestations of male fear and hatred of women, including DV.  I know perfectly well the differences between harassment, attempted seduction and violation. To most women, these are obvious. To a number of men, also – or so I hope. As for the rest, time for these overgrown, superannuated boys to become fully adult, ie capable of assuming responsibility and in doing so demonstrating respect for those they represent. How many more centuries is that process liable to take?

All pix sourced via Wiki Commons (click to enlarge) – and, yes, they’re all French puns: so?

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  1. 25/05/2011 16:07

    Between said incident (one of many I’m sure) and comments made by UK and US politicians in the last week, I feel like I’m losing hope all together. What kind of world do we really offer our daughters, and what will become of our sons.

  2. Minnie permalink
    25/05/2011 17:25

    Rachael: please don’t lose hope, my friend. We need people like you to carry on the fight.

    Globally, we women will never win the respect we deserve as long as men continue to fear us – something I don’t see coming to an end anytime soon. Still, it is vital to remember that progress towards equality has been/is being made (albeit piecemeal) in some crucially important spheres (education; entry to professions; access to financial services; maternity rights; childcare; pay) – some of these even since I entered the workplace.

    Bon courage – and keep the faith!

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