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Nous ne les oublions pas


TV grab via France Télévisions, 12 April 2010

A year has  now passed since the post below was published.  What is happening to this pair and all the other hostages is unimaginable, as is the suffering of those who care for them.  Formerly an exerciser of their trade in safety,  I salute their courage in risking all to bring us the news we depend upon so much. Whatever we may say about the press, we still – for the most part – benefit from its freedom. A precious freedom which must be protected and never lost.  Like all that is worth having, it comes at a high price.

From 13 May 2010:

This weekend the boss of France-Télévisions Patrick de Carolis (un Provençal, d’origine arlésienne) flies to Afghanistan to see what may be done to free two French journalists who have now been been held hostage there for 135 days – since 29 December 2009, in fact.
Their names are Stéphane Taponier and Hervé Ghesquière, and a campaign for their release has been underway for some time. Florence Aubenas, who is fronting the campaign, has said that there is no such thing as a small gesture – ie even the smallest contribution counts. So as I was once a journo myself, I’d like at the very least to show solidarity with their cause.
Apparently, the pair are in good health; but I cannot begin to imagine how fearful they, their loved ones, and their friends and colleagues must be. God bless them and all those trying to ensure that Stéphane and Hervé soon descend the stairs of their plane to set foot once more on French soil.

  1. 17/05/2011 08:21

    Why don’t we hear about Stéphane Taponier and Hervé Ghesquière in England? I cannot begin to imagine what they or their families are going through.

    • Minnie permalink
      17/05/2011 10:14

      Harriet: if they were British or American, you’d have heard of them … And, yes, it is unimaginable.

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