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C’est parti et reparti pour la Prom’ Party


Promenade des Anglais (looking west) by W M Connolley (via C Wiki)

In July and August la Ville de Nice puts on a series of free evening events called ‘la Prom Party’. The Promenade des Anglais between le Negresco and the Albert 1er gardens is closed to traffic so that pedestrians can wander at will along the entire stretch enjoying the different bands playing there. The music’s occasionally themed, more often varied.  The first Party in August promises a Polynesian theme, while last Saturday’s menu included offerings of American rock, Mexican folk and Brazilian jazz.  Past occasions have enabled visitors to amble along accompanied by haunting or rousing Celtic lyricism, the inevitable Edith Piaf imitator, a sexy samba or the cocky syncopations of Britpop. Within the space of an hour or two you can find youself being: invited to fall in love or fly someone to the moon; told that his mother wants him to marry Mary Mack, or assured with perfect conviction that all is not only well, c’est magnifique! The bands are housed on motorised floats on either side of the 3-lane dual carriageway, so they too can move up and down the road between sets. The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial, with crowds people of all ages and from all over the world in attendance. And the party ends – seemingly as suddenly as it began – before midnight.

Bataille de Fleurs, Carnaval de Nice 25 Feb '09, by Zil via C Wiki

Music is of vital importance to this city. We have our own opera house and conservatoire together with concert halls and venues galore. Classical music is certainly not neglected, and is also served by free concerts. Now, after from the annual nationwide Fête de la Musique (on/about 20th June) and the various Prom Parties, we have lou Festin dou Pouort in store.

Nice has an inexaustible appetite for music – and equally importantly knows how to throw a party: brava, Nissa la bella, brava!

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  1. 05/08/2010 15:13

    When’s the bataille des fleurs? Might be worth a visit…the floral displays in the summer are pretty impressive in Nice all year round, aren’t they?

    • Minnie permalink
      05/08/2010 21:45

      Hello, David – the floral displays vary a bit; but can be wonderful (see pic I’ve just added). There’s une bataille de fleurs every weekend during the carnival (ie 3 of ’em); I usually avoid (allergies!), I’m afraid. The whole thing kicks off in February/March. Here’s the start and the end.

      • 06/08/2010 10:07

        Ah – from back before I knew your site. Thanks for the ingenious links.

        • Minnie permalink
          06/08/2010 10:21

          A pleasure, David. I hope you and J have a chance to see it for yourselves someday.

  2. 06/08/2010 19:36

    It sounds like a wonderful event 🙂

    • Minnie permalink
      07/08/2010 08:49

      Cherie: yes, they’re fun – crowded, but very good-natured and relaxed. Thanks for visiting.

  3. 09/08/2010 11:59

    Once, in a past life, I was invited to a computer conference in Cannes and on the last night they closed off la Croisette and had a circus parade and various stages along the way. A magical evening – as must have yours been.

    • Minnie permalink
      09/08/2010 12:16

      Tom: ah, so you know whereof I speak – although … Cannes compared with us? No contest ;-)!

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