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St Médard: après lui, le déluge?


As far as I can recall today is the French equivalent of St Swithin’s Day. If it rains we’re in for a further 40 days of dampness. But the sun is shining and all’s well with the world – this corner of it, anyway. Phew! So I’ll simply mark the day with this delightful video of la rue Mouffetard in Paris, which begins at the medieval church of St Médard. Many years ago, as a newly-minted graduate, I lived on the first floor of a building a little way up the rue Mouffetard  on the rhs (looking north, towards la Place de la Contrescarpe). Starting with a maternal concierge and an avuncular landlord, the quartier de la Mouffe’ took me to its heart and made me part of its family. I will never forget its many kindnesses to a green girl. The rue Mouffetard, whose origins date back to Roman times, was the last cobbled street left in the Latin Quarter after les évènements de Mai ’68. It has long hosted a terrific street market. And while the quartier may have changed a fair bit since I left, it continues to burst with life, surprises and spontaneity.

Many thanks to Navigaia for the YouTube clip.


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