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Vanessa Gebbie: here she is, readers – read, learn and … enjoy!


Vanessa Gebbie

Shamefully, I am belatedly issuing a public ‘thank you’ to Vanessa Gebbie for her commendation of my blog. It’s not often one receives accolades in the blogosphere; but this one’s from a real writer – a genuine teller of tales, gifted, extraordinary, taking one into new worlds of imagination full of poetry, emotion and sympathy.  Worlds that were there all the time, probably; but you need the right storyteller to show you – and show you around.

Would you like to meet her? Rhetorical question! Of course you would. Here she is.

Naturally, I have already thanked Vanessa privately. But that just wouldn’t suffice. Given that the previous link to this blog from A N Other was both contemptuous and contemptible, Vanessa’s own redressed the balance to an extent that the positive side is now firmly up there, outweighing the thoughtless stupidity of the previous link. And that is all that matters. It is, by the way, what Vanessa does in her work – finding the light, the joy and the sweetness lurking in even the most obscure corners where the marginal, the crazed, the neglected ones somehow contrive to survive. They, too, have voices that need to be heard.

Vanessa is a French-speaker, with her own magical experiences of this wonderful country. She is also gifted with an artist’s eye for a scene, a face, a feature that combine to depict the essence of a place – if you explore her blog, you’ll see this for yourself. So I felt the best way of saying my ‘thank you’ was to give her some pictures (and music) in return.

Thank you, Vanessa! And all the very best for your latest work: please keep us posted about the publication date.


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